The High Seas Alliance is a collection of organisations and groups made up of over 40 NGOs as well as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Their collective aim is to form a strong voice, inspire international cooperation and strengthen the governance of the high seas.

Huxley were asked to work alongside PGA Branding to design and develop a website that allows high seas stakeholders to closely follow progress and news from the HSA treaty. Aptly named the Treaty Tracker – users are able to scroll through live feeds, read a chronological list of statements, and delve into further views and analysis of all goings on at the treaty.

The Treaty Tracker is built in WordPress, allowing the HSA team to edit content using the built in CMS. It is fully responsive, with extra thought given to how a significant amount of users will be tracking the live progress of the treaty via their mobile phones or tablets.

The Treaty Tracker is hosted on the High Seas Alliance website, where users can access information about the HSA and information about how to use the tracker. We kept the live social media feed in a prominent position on every page so the very latest news is always just a glance away.