The Huxley Studio

Liverpool Terrace

This is the Huxley Studio, situated at the top of a lovely Victorian building in the centre of Worthing. We made this interactive floor plan so you can find out more about our space. Hover over a room to find out what happens there.

Our People

  • Dom

    Managing Director

    Dom has been designing and building websites for over 15 years after studying the first available web-design specific degrees, graduating with a BA in Interactive Multimedia Design. Prior to co-founding Huxley Digital in 2015, Dom headed up the development and design team at Strategic Internet Consulting

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  • Tom

    Creative Director

    Tom joined Huxley in 2017 as Head of Creative following on from successfully building a food brand and contributing towards listings in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco, as well as achieving distribution worldwide. He has won several marketing awards and been a guest speaker at marketing events in the UK and Europe.

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  • Jim

    Head of Design

    Jim joined Huxley in 2018, and has been designing and building websites since qualifying from Chelsea College of Art with a BA in Design for Communication in 2005. Jim has built websites for businesses of all sizes, including Francos Restaurant, Bayley & Sage, Quakers and more.

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  • Lotta

    Project manager

    It's important to us that us that our project manager has a deep understanding of the products Huxley make. Lotta's way into our studio was as freelance front-end developer, and we went on to learn about her marketing and project management experience. She is usually the main contact throughout a project and is an integral part of Huxley workshops and kickoff meetings.

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  • Sam

    Senior Developer

    Sam is a new face at Huxley, but has almost 10 years of development experience under his belt, having worked as a freelancer and also within web design agencies in the South East. He's our main bug fixer and has some great server-side experience that means we're able to keep our projects 100% in-house from start to finish.

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